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-30% (pre-election survey, 2nd wave)

4 900 AMD


  • In your opinion, what are the most acute problems facing Armenia at the moment, which require primary attention? (Multiple choice)
  • On May 19, Mikayel Minasyan published a part of the document, according to which Nikol Pashinyan must sign a new document with the President of Azerbaijan. How do you treat the possible signing of a new document?
  • Nikol Pashinyan firmly stated that he was going to sign the document. What do you think should be done with that document?
  • Are you going to participate in the June 20, 2021 Parliamentary elections?
  • If the elections to the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia are next Sunday, which party will you vote for?
  • If you had the opportunity to go abroad to live permanently, would you leave Armenia?
  • Which countries should Armenia deepen cooperation with…


  • Research Method — Telephone Interview (CATI)
  • Sample size — 1102
  • Margin of error — ±3%
  • Dates of the study — 24.05.2021-28.05.2021
  • Geography — Republic of Armenia
4 900 AMD
SKU: TRGL66062021EN

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