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Gallup International was founded in May 1947 (Loxwood Hall, Sussex, England) by Dr. George Gallup together with 11 opinion research institutes from all over the world. It is the oldest and most known global polling organization, which fathers and mothers are among the people who established the key professional bodies of the market and opinion research industry: APOR, WAPOR and ESOMAR.

Gallup International Association (GIA) is registered in Zurich, Switzerland and is a nonprofit entity (verein). Currently the Association through its members, associates and partners covers more than 60 countries on all continents and about 80% of the global population. Our members/associates/partners are leading national institutes (only one per country) with profound local knowledge of research methods and techniques, statistical data, custom and culture differences of its our country.

GIA works on a daily basis to share knowledge, new research tools and to provide the most appropriate solutions to international research projects and service the client to the best of our abilities. The Association has an unique and recognized experience and capacity to work all over the globe.

Gallup International Association is managed by five elected Board of Directors: Johnny Heald, Michael Nitsche, Andrei Milekhin, Steven Kang and Kancho Stoychev. At the 70 Annual Conference (May 2017) Kancho Stoychev was elected President and Michael Nitsche Executive Vice President.

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About us

MPG LLC is the one of the leading consulting and research companies in Armenia. We conduct researches since 2003 and up to now we have accomplished more than 700 middle and large scale research projects, including qualitative and quantitative.

Since 2011 our Company has become an exclusive representative of the GALLUP International Association in Armenia.

MPG LLC is a member of ESOMAR and run all its projects according to the Guidelines of ESOMAR.

Gallup International в Армении
Gallup International в Армении
Gallup International в Армении
Gallup International в Армении

MPG is implementing research projects for food, beverage and tobacco producing companies, mobile operators, internet providers, bookmakers and other organizations.

We use all range of the quantitative and qualitative survey methods. Our office is equipped with the full range of technical resources for implementing CAPI, CATI, CAWI. We have a Focus Group room equipped with the Hi definition Video and Audio recording, one way mirror.

Around 200 interviewers are working in our company. We run quarterly Omnibus surveys throughout Armenia and offer the leading companies to include the questions in the surveys. Among customers of our company can be found private companies, non-governmental organizations, international research centers, international organizations, embassies, operating in Armenia, as well as state structures and ministries.

We have number of clients from abroad: Finland, Germany, USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, Austria (International client market share 70%, local client market share 30%).

During parliamentary elections on 2012, May 6, MPG LLC successfully realized first EXIT POLL in the history of RA.

Gallup International in Armenia

Aram Navasardyan

Founder / Director

In 2003 A. Navasardyan decided to establish a company which’s  main goal was the development of marketing institute in Armenia through marketing communications, as well as provision of marketing consulting and implementation of marketing and sociological researches. Since 2008, Aram Navasardyan is the representative of the ESOMAR International Association in Armenia. A. Navasardyan has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, PR, business consulting, etc. A. Navasardyan actively cooperates with both international and local companies.

Gallup International in Armenia

Gayane Dajunts

Deputy Director

In 2009 graduated from Yerevan State University, received a master’s degree in sociology.  After was trained in Netherland’s Institute of Marketing, receiving marketing professional’s qualification. Since 2005 Gayane is working in research industry, at the same time in both qualitative and quantitative researches. Gayane has a wide experience in working with international and local companies, as well as in moderation of focus groups.

Gallup International in Armenia

Alexandr Glazunov


Since 2005, he has been developing websites, logos, corporate identity, as well as the design of print, outdoor and other advertising. He convinced that the task is solved by thought and idea, rather than “vignettes and the play of color,” therefore, he uses common sense, a sense of proportion and good taste in work. He has more than 100 regular customers and more than 500 works in the portfolio.

The main missions and goals of our company are:
  • Expansion of economic space in Armenia via marketing communications
  • The development of marketing in Armenia
  • Promotion of international marketing principles in Armenia
  • Provision of consulting services
  • Analysis and Evaluation of marketing problems
  • Training of both specialist and new specialists, creation of new jobs
  • Investment of international standards in marketing, localization and dissemination


Our company offers the following packages of marketing and sociological researches:


Measurement of public opinion on any phenomenon

Measurement of company’s market share

Analysis and evaluation of competitors

Analysis of consumers’ preferences

Behavior analysis on any product, service

Brand knowledge, etc

Feel free to contact us!

If you are interested in one of our services or have any questions, write or call us.

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