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«ENCLAVE» (pre-election survey, 1nd wave)

4 900 AMD


  • Do you think livingin Armenia is safe?
  • Since May 12, the Azerbaijani soldiers have been moving in different directions, such as Syunik and Vardenis, trying to position themselves in the territory of the Republicof Armenia. From where do you think Armenia can expect military-political support?
  • In the current situation, please evaluate the activity of the following on a scale of 1 to 5
  • In your opinion, is it necessary to hold early parliamentary elections in the current situation?
  • In your opinion, will the current government led by NikolPashinyanhold fair and transparent elections?
  • Please rate the activities of the following figures on a scale of 1 to 5. Do you personally support or do not support the activities of following figures?
  • Are you going to participatein the June 20, 2021 Parliamentary elections?
  • If the elections to the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia are next Sunday, which party will you vote for?
  • How would you like to get acquainted with the political processes and programs presented by political parties? (Multiple choice)
  • Have you personally participated in the April-May 2018 “My Step” movement that led to the revolution?


  • Research Method — Telephone Interview (CATI)
  • Sample size — 800
  • Margin of error — ±3.5%
  • Dates of the study — 18.05.2021-21.05.2021
  • Geography — Republic of Armenia
4 900 AMD

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