We are pleased to present the first professional Armenian-language book in the field of Branding by Honorable Member of the Armenian Marketing Association Lilit Shakaryan.

  • The book presents the key features of the brand concept, its historical preconditions of origin and development process
  • Brand positioning and features of constructing brand identity
  • As well as technologies of building brand architecture and the ways of Brand Management.
Книга «Бренд Менеджмент»

Lilit Shakaryan graduated from the Faculty of Sociology of Yerevan State University. Since 2009, L. Shakaryan is a lecturer at the Chair of Social Work and Social Technologies, Department of Sociology, YSU. She is the first initiator, developer and teacher of the courses «Branding», «Sociology of Mass Media », «Modern PR technologies». She is the author of several scientific articles. Lilit Shakaryan often delivers lectures in European universities. Besides academic activities, she conducts business trainings and consultancy over brand management issues. Mrs. Shakaryan contributed to the process of appropriate positioning and unique brand image creation for the several leading manufacturers in the local market.

According to Lilit Shakaryan, Armenian science needs to be developed, and this can only be achieved by creating Armenian-language literature, because if we want to make education competitive globally, we must have competitive literature, which must be created by specialists of different spheres.

Книга «Бренд Менеджмент»

Why branding? Because branding is one of the most relevant sciences. Today, not only products and services are branded, but also any process, from individuals to countries is branded. Therefore to create a competitive country in the modern reality, one should brand the country first of all.

The book will complement a list of professional literature in Armenian, which is in great demand. This is a unique opportunity to study science in a native language. The book is designed to overcome language barriers in the field of education, and overcoming the language barrier leads to the improvement of education quality. The manual also includes examples and analysis from the Armenian reality, which makes the material more accessible.

The book is intended for specialists in the field of sociology, economics, journalism, marketing, PR-technologies and lecturers who teach in these or related fields.

You can get the book from «Zangak» bookstore chain and from other bookstores, as well as you can order online delivery.

Книга «Бренд Менеджмент»